Framework Agreements and Schemes


Government Frameworks


We are on the following public sector frameworks:


G-Cloud v10


  • RM1557x: Lot 3 Cloud Support - 25 services (Service details are listed below)


Technology Services 2


  • RM 3804 - Lot 1: Technology Strategy and Service Design
  • RM 3804 - Lot 2: Transition and Transformation


Digital Outcomes and Specialists v3


  • RM1043v – Lot 1: Digital Outcomes
  • RM1043v – Lot 2: Digital Specialists


Management Consultancy


  • RM3745 - Lot 8: ICT & Digital Services


Management Consultancy 2


  • RM6008 - Lot 1: Business Consultancy Services
  • RM6008 - Lot 2: Procurement, Supply Chain and Commercial Consultancy Services


Other Frameworks and Schemes


NHS: South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit


We are an approved supplier on the Digital Transformation Dynamic Purchasing System Project Based Consultancy (Digital Transformation).


Rail Industry


We are a registered supplier on the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) and the Network Rail Supplier Qualification Scheme.



Our G-Cloud v10 Services


1. End-to-end Cloud and Technology Strategy, Analysis, Selection and Deployment Assurance Service


2. Discovery, Business Analysis, Options Evaluation, Business Case Development


3. Cloud Strategy and Planning and Integration with the ICT, Digital and IM Strategy


4. Cloud Planning and Design - Architecture as a Service


5. Cloud based Software, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service


6. Cloud Solutions Technical Design Authority


7. Cloud Technical Audit Service


8. Cloud Programme Management Office and Planning


9. Cloud Solution Evaluation to Replace Customised Legacy Systems


10. Cloud Solution Procurement Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Service


11. Cloud Support for ERP, Back Office and Operations Solution Evaluation and Replacement


12. Cloud Support for ERP, Back Office and Operations Solution Design and Implementation Assurance


13. Situation Review, Planning, Cloud Options Analysis, Design, Procurement, Assurance


14. Planning, Set Up, Migration, Assurance, Testing, Training, Service Management


15. Migration, Transition, User Engagement and Business Change Management


16. Cloud Testing and Assurance


17. Cloud Service and Solution Planning, Selection and Procurement


18. Cloud Service Delivery Model and Shared Services


19. Solution and Service Delivery Management, Governance, Quality and Assurance


20. Service Based Enterprise Architecture Using Cloud Solutions


21. Information Collection and Data Processing Cloud Solutions and Services


22. Charity, Heritage, Historic and Museum Cloud Solutions and Services


23. Law Enforcement and Policing Data Analysis, Analytics and Management


24. Cloud based Police and Criminal Justice Solutions and Services


25. Police Force and Emergency Services Legacy ERP Replacement


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