Strategic ICT analysis


The Business Perspective


Most organisations have a range of ICT challenges and issues that include at least one

of the following:


Replacement and rationalisation of outdated technology and infrastructure

Introduction of a new type of technology such as cloud

Alignment of the ICT to support organisational change such as a merger

Adapting the ICT to support new business and IT services

Our Expertise


We are trusted strategic advisors to chief executives, operational directors, CIOs,

heads of IT, IT managers and business managers and we frequently work with them to:


Develop a new IT strategy and roadmap or

Review and re-focus an existing strategy


The strategic ICT activities we typically lead and undertake include:



ICT analysis

Current situation review

Problem and process analysis

ICT estate review

Strategic ICT options evaluation and discovery

ICT/IM strategy

Road mapping and planning

IT architecture analysis and design

Solution development approach

Business case development and market evaluation

Project portfolio planning

Provider and sourcing strategy

Resourcing strategy

Security approach

Data and information management strategy




Technology Solution Areas


The business application areas we have worked with include ERP, communications solutions, contact centres, mobile working, case management, ECM, EDRM, digital archiving, CMS, census data collection, data centres and virtualisation.


"Medley provided an excellent and responsive service. English Heritage intended to run a short, sharp and focused study to provide enterprise-wide outputs that would act as a basis for further analysis, action and funding. This we got through a well conducted study which ran to time, cost and quality. We would certainly work with them again."


Head of ICT Infrastructure - English Heritage



Example Assignments


A selection of our relevant assignments is shown below.


Ofwat – Enterprise Architecture Review and Options Appraisal


We performed a strategic review of the way ICT services are delivered. We reviewed the existing ICT environment, conducted a staff survey, held ICT and requirements workshops, had discussions with stakeholders, and assessed current ICT contracts and costs. We identified options for refreshing systems, services and processes in the short-term, and provided a roadmap for the delivery of solutions to help transform the way the organisation works, collaborates and delivers its services.


English Heritage – Strategy Blueprint and 5-Year Roadmap


We developed a Strategy Blueprint and 5-Year Roadmap for the ICT function. The assignment involved extensive interviews with key stakeholders working across the organisation including various workshops to assess the current state issues and change drivers to formulate a vision for change. The final outputs of the study included a 3-5 year Roadmap for Change. We have subsequently been engaged to undertake a portfolio of strategic ICT projects.


Global Recruitment Company – Technology Strategy


We worked with a team of senior business and technical consultants to develop the technology strategy and associated roadmap for change covering a 3 year period. The work included an assessment of the current environment and alignment with the corporate and product strategies from which a gap analysis was developed to underpin a range of options. Workshops were then held with the key members of the technology team and separately with the Executive Board.


Care Inspectorate and Scottish Social Services Council – ICT Review


The organisations had a requirement to undertake a situation analysis of their current shared services and ICT systems. Working at board level, we led the team that ran workshops and undertook a comprehensive set of interviews across both organisations to develop a current state review and an initial findings paper. This has enabled the boards to identify urgent actions to be taken covering organisation, process, information and ICT.


Traffic Penalty Tribunal – Process and ICT Review


The Tribunal provides an independent adjudication service for the general public for appeals against parking penalty charge notices (PCN) issued by councils outside London. We performed a review of the Tribunal’s existing processes and their alignment with the IT systems and identified areas for potential improvement. We undertook a review that formed the basis of a Roadmap for Change including a current state assessment, a review of the ICT systems and architecture and procurement options.


Fund Management Company – Data Centre Migration


The company has seen considerable change over the last 20 years, through acquisitions and mergers. These changes have often resulted in office moves and provision of new server rooms. It wanted to migrate its IT infrastructure to external locations with flexibility to expand or contract to meet the business needs. We reviewed the current environments, services and costs and then developed a roadmap for the migration from 4 to 2 data centres reducing from 90 to 50 racks. We also undertook a detailed cost benefit analysis that showed savings of around £1.5M over 5 years whilst providing increased resilience, DR and flexibility.


UK Hydrographic Office – IT Disaster Recovery Options


We reviewed the existing systems and infrastructure, along with the business impact assessment documents. We developed an initial findings report, process maps, and DR and Proof of Concept options reports. From this, a capability assessment was developed and initial market engagement undertaken via the Government Procurement Service framework agreements.


Water Utility – Online Customer Management Solution Strategy


We provided advice and support to the Head of IT to assist with the development of an online customer management solution strategy.

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