What we do


There are four common themes that the needs and challenges of our clients typically fall into.

Responding to changing business environments by aligning the

ICT to support transformation, shared services, disaggregation and the introduction of new lines of service

Exploiting new technology to introduce new digital capabilities including intelligence gathering and analysis, information sharing, collaboration, cloud and mobile solutions

Replacing legacy systems, services and processes, such as ERP solutions, to improve operational efficiency and flexibility

Developing a strategic ICT vision and plan to support the short,

medium and longer term needs of the organisation





Common themes

Developing a strategic ICT vision and plan


History and complexity are woven into every ICT landscape and IT staff are usually too busy dealing with the business as usual activities to have the time to develop a strategic ICT view properly.


We have worked with a range of clients where some want to develop a department wide-vision and others want to develop a plan that targets a specific area such as the introduction of cloud solutions. We typically use a workshop based approach to get early agreement from stakeholders on the issues and requirements and produce outputs quickly.


The drivers for a strategic review can include the need to improve customer facing solutions, or to change how IT services are currently provided, or to plan for IT disaster recovery capability.


Replacing legacy systems, services and processes


Aging core systems cause a number of problems because they are often:


Inflexible creating the need for workarounds

Poorly integrated with other systems with weak reporting capability

Expensive to maintain and require hard-to-get skill sets

Tied to out-dated support contracts

Based on applications that are about to go, or are already, out of support


We are increasingly being asked to help clients with ERP applications that have most of these symptoms.


We assess the current situation and work with stakeholders to clarify the business drivers. We develop the business and technical requirements and define improved processes. We then take clients through market engagement, solution procurement and solution deployment.


Exploiting new technology to introduce new digital capabilities


IT departments are always under pressure to be early adopters of new technologies. However, it always pays to understand the maturity of the technology, the true benefits it can offer and the likely total costs of ownership. We help clients to understand the opportunities new technologies enable and the likely business change required to exploit them.


We have supported clients that want to:


Provide their national services digitally with a new TOM

Explore the benefits of cloud based solutions

Work more collaboratively using solutions such as SharePoint

Use new technologies to provide vastly improved national data analysis services


Responding to changing business environments


This requires both ICT expertise and business understanding to ensure new solutions and processes are aligned and successfully embedded into a target operating model. Our style of working with sponsors, stakeholders and staff is very open and collaborative to ensure we gain maximum buy-in to the transformation journey.


The different types of transformations we have supported include:


Standardisation of back office processes supported by the roll-out of a new ‘vanilla’ ERP suite across multiple operating companies

Separation of the ICT currently supporting one organisation as splits into two new ones

Specifying and procuring an ERP solution to create a shared service for three police forces

Creation of new target operating model to deliver services digitally

Deploying new solutions to allow a professional body to change how it operates

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